Cup battles at Borisov-Arena

Dinamo Minsk and BATE Borisov play European cup matches

Dinamo Minsk and BATE Borisov play European cup matches

BATE in action

Photo: Alexander Kulevsky

BATE retains its chance

In the home match, BATE drew against Leverkusen Bayer — 1:1 — and continues to fight for a place in the Champions League play-offs. The tram from Borisov has drawn a line under domestic matches this season, playing brightly, boldly and, most important, efficiently.

After Roma’s devastating defeat by Barcelona (6:1), BATE’s prospects lifted. On December 10th, the Borisov squad will face Roma in Rome, needing to win in order to reach the Champions League play-offs. Moreover, Roma has been already beaten in Borisov.

It seems that BATE has put aside fear, becoming somehow more mature. BATE’s head coach Alexander Yermakovich no longer gives the impression of an embarrassed young school graduate thrown among academics. Of course, Luis Enrique, Rudi Garcia and Roger Smith are experienced professionals but no one is born a master; experience lends wings. Who would have thought, a year ago, that BATE would do so well this season? At that time, the Borisov players were doing pretty badly; now they’re demonstrating their strong character and showing good results.

Nenad Adamović’s victorious goal

Dinamo winning battles

Dinamo Minsk has earned its first points in the Europa League, defeating Czech Viktoria — 1:0, with Nenad Adamović scoring.

Dinamo lost its chance to reach the play-offs in the previous round, being beaten at home by Villarreal. In the last but one round, Viktoria Plzeň pinned hopes not on itself, but on Rapid Vienna. However, Dinamo, playing its last home game of the season, refused to submit and didn’t allow the Plzen club into the play-offs. Sadly, the stands weren’t even half full, showing fans’ despair.

Oleg Veretilo is likely to have played his last match as part of the Minsk team, following a decade with the squad.

In the final round of the Europa League group stage, Dinamo, having lost its chance of reaching the play-offs, will face local Rapid in Vienna.

By Yegor Glebov
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