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Cultural capital moves to Mogilev from Nesvizh

Until late in the evening, Nesvizh’s residents and guests listened to modern and ancient melodies performed by the Presidential Orchestra, the State Chamber Orchestra and folk groups
The final events in the town included exhibitions by famous painters and photographers, with Nesvizh then wistfully passing its title of Belarus’ cultural capital to Mogilev for the coming year. The latter has also recently been named CIS’ cultural capital.

Culture Minister Boris Svetlov attended the concert, noting that, in 2012, almost fifty projects involving museums, theatres and music have been realised in Nesvizh, drawing tourists from far and wide. “Among the brightest were the Muses of Nesvizh Festival of Arts, concerts featuring Yuri Bashmet Festival participants, the Vladimir Spivakov Invites Festival, the Evenings of the Bolshoi Theatre at the Radziwills’ Castle Forum of Operatic and Ballet Art, and the Theatre of Ursula Radziwill Art Festival,” he recalled. Other amazing events have included exhibitions showing items from London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, from Vilnius’ National Museum — The Palace of Grand Duchy of Lithuania Rulers, and from the National Art Museum.

This year also marked the 450th anniversary of Symon Budny’s book being published in Nesvizh: the first Belarusian language edition on the territory of modern Belarus. Of course, the grandest event was the opening of restored Nesvizh Castle, which was visited by over 500,000 people. The town’s historical centre is now on the UNESCO World Heritage List — promoting Nesvizh worldwide. Mogilev also has many attractions worth admiration, including its Mighty God and Golden Hit festivals, which are known abroad. Its City History Museum recently gained a rare book entitled Prominent Art of Artillery, by our countryman, Kazimir Semenovich — an early inventor of rocket science who lived three centuries ago.
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