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Gastronomic tourism trending worldwide and growing in Belarus

Culinary map ready next year

Gastronomic tourism trending worldwide and growing in Belarus

The Chair of the Country Escape Agro- and Eco-tourism Public Association, Valeria Klitsounova, believes that Belarus’ gastronomic routes may prove extremely popular with visitors from abroad, with special focus on such culinary festivals as Motol Delicacies in the Ivanovo District, the Cherry Festival in the Glubokoe District and the Sharkovshchina District’s Apple Festival.

Motol Delicacies culinary festival in Ivanovo District
Motol Delicacies culinary festival in Ivanovo District / BELTA

The future culinary map aims to promote each region’s unique offerings, so that tourists can compile their own gastronomic tour. “Each region should have its own tourist attractions and culinary brands, so that dishes become calling cards, offered for sale at all local cafes and restaurants,” underlines Ms. Klitsounova.

Promotion of local cuisine will, undoubtedly, contribute to the development of agro-ecotourism. “To ensure an increasing inflow of tourists, homestead hosts need to pay more attention to arranging activities, liaising with other tourist sites and museums — as is common in Europe,” notes Ms. Klitsounova.

As regards homestead certification (measured in ‘cockerels’ rather than ‘stars’) nothing is yet obligatory, although a high ranking would certainly encourage guests, who would be certain of a particular level of facilities and services.

In 2015, agro-ecotourism will remain a priority for Belarus’ tourism development, with events held under the aegis of the ‘Simple Things’ campaign, promoting rural tourism. In the Brest Region’s Kobrin District, young volunteers have been taking part in educational events and excursions to homesteads, as well as enjoying master classes in Belarusian cooking and folk dancing.

‘Simple Things’ has included nine ecological events involving volunteer teams. Several issues of the Rural Tourism in Belarus magazine have been released, and a contest of children’s drawing organised (on the theme of agro-ecotourism). In addition, the Creative Green Tourism Laboratory conference and the Organic Party Festival have been organised. The Open Door Day for Belarusian Homesteads has been held under the campaign’s aegis.

The final results of ‘Simple Things’ are to be summed up at the Agro-Ecotourism 2014: Partnership and Innovations national conference, in November. Meanwhile, ‘Simple Things’ continues to be promoted via social advertising.
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