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Sasha Minenok to go to Junior Eurovision-2016, representing Belarus

Crystal microphone for stage appeal

Sasha Minenok to go to Junior Eurovision-2016, representing Belarus: the young performer wins the finals of the popular international song contest’s national selection round

Sasha Minenok

Eight soloists and two bands competed for the right to represent Belarus at the prestigious musical Junior Eurovision-2016, hosted by Malta. The leader was chosen as a result of simultaneous voting by the audience and the professional jury. Sasha’s Music of My Victories song — about his aspiration to find himself in music and his desire to devote his life to the stage, captured the hearts of all those present, putting him in first place.

The singer was presented with a symbol of the national selection round: a crystal microphone provided by the sponsors. Last year, the award went to Ruslan Aslanov — who became the first holder. Sasha Minenok has been singing since the age of 8, attending Belarus’ Honoured Band and the Khvilinka Pop Song Theatre. He’ll appear on the Junior Eurovision stage with his motto: ‘Never give in, go towards the goal and believe in yourself!’ The representative of Belarus admits that the happiest day in his life was when he took the microphone in his hands for the first time. According to Sasha, his Music of My Victories song is devoted to the desire to find himself in music. “Music should unite, bringing peace, joy and light,” he says. Sasha tells us that before going on the stage, he tries not to worry.

Sasha’s motto is to think positively and not allow himself to feel down. In his free time, he loves to listen to music (including rap and classical pieces), practice music, dance, host concerts and TV programmes. The boy is fond of skateboarding, football, cycling and skating. He also loves forests and camping and among his favourite school subjects are handicrafts and physical training. Sasha appreciates trust and faith in friendship and treats failures with pragmatism.

The winner will represent Belarus on November 20th, in the Maltese city of Valetta. The Belarusian TV and Radio Company oversees selection and preparation for the International Junior Eurovision as the single company in Belarus being a member of the European Broadcasting Union.

By Alexey Fedotov
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