Crying only from joy

Remaining 2,275 Great Patriotic War veterans honoured in Grodno Region

By Yelena Lepneva

The festive atmosphere was evident not only in the private homes of the veterans, where they live with their families. Six veterans who currently reside in the Grodno House for Elderly and Disabled People have been upgraded to more comfortable rooms, with better furniture, soft carpets, TV sets and flowers. All their needs have been taken into account, which has touched them greatly.

“Each of those who has survived war has experienced the worst that Fate can throw, so it’s essential that we do all we can to make them feel at home — even when staying in institutional homes for the elderly. This is the position of the Regional Executive Committee and of those who provide sponsorship,” notes Anatoly Zimnovoda, the Chairman of the Committee on Labour, Employment and Social Protection at the Grodno Regional Executive Committee.

Those Grodno veterans who are ‘still in the ranks’ paraded through the major street of the city, opening the Victory Day celebrations in Gilibert Park. This was the centre of festive events where, after wreaths had been laid at the communal grave of soldiers and partisans, concerts and other entertainments were held.

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