Cross-country vehicle called ‘glaidor’

Victor Saverchenko, a postgraduate student from the Heat and Mass Transfer Institute of the National Academy of Sciences, constructs new vehicle able to operate in hard-to-reach places

By Anna Bogomazova

The young scientist explains that ‘glaidor’ (the name of the innovation) is similar to a motor bicycle or a scooter yet weighs considerably less, at around 30kg. It also boasts greater cross-country capability. “The new device is equipped with an aircraft engine and aerodynamic propeller thrust,” Mr. Saverchenko tells us. “Accordingly, it can run where neither a motor bicycle nor a scooter can.”

‘Glaidor’ is perfect to use across sand, snow and ice, travelling at up to 80km/h, and its high placed engine allows it to navigate water up to 60cm deep. Its bicycle pedals can be used to move it forward without the engine but the ‘glaidor’ is rather economical, hardly needing much petrol.

According to the inventor, it’s perfect for forestry workers and ecologists wishing to patrol territories, as well as employees of the Emergency Ministry. Moreover, it should prove popular among the first response services, especially in traffic jams.
In the near future, Mr. Saverchenko plans to improve the developed model, and hopes it will become popular. ‘Glaidor’ has been presented at the Youth Innovation Forum in Minsk and was highly assessed there.

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