Crest of wave of popularity

Belarusians become more interested in remote banking services
Belarusbank specialists note that monthly turnovers using DBS have risen 68 percent since the beginning of the year; as of September 1st, 2012, these stood at almost Br50bn.

DBS services — SMS-banking, M-banking and Internet-banking — enable customers to perform a wide range of banking transactions using their mobile phone or computer. A wide range of bills can be paid online — from utilities to the services of mobile operators, Internet providers and cable television. 

One of the most popular DBS services is SMS-banking, with over 600,000 bank clients using this service. Non-cash payments in August 2012, performed through SMS-banking, totalled around Br13bn.

Measures are being taken to develop the bank’s system of non-cash payments. For instance drivers can more easily pay for fuel by card at service stations, since many are now equipped with Belarusbank info-kiosks. At present, 109 such fuelling stations offer non-cash payment, with the feature proving popular. In January 2012, 100 info-kiosks were operational, with over 7,000 operations performed that month. By August, the number of transactions had exceeded 61,000, covering payments of Br7.8bn.
Over 1,000 Belarusbank terminals have now been installed at Belarusian fuelling stations.
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