Creativity in poet’s life

Petrus Brovka Belarusian Encyclopaedia Publishing House releases Maxim Bogdanovich edition, dedicated to 120th anniversary of the birth of the classical Belarusian writer

By Anastasia Yanushevskaya

The encyclopaedia contains approximately 2,000 articles on the poet’s works, exploring their thematic and narrative motifs. An introductory essay reveals the human, spiritual and creative image of Bogdanovich and the socio-historical conditions under which he lived and worked.

Many of the materials are being published for the first time, dedicated to the places where he lived and worked or visited. Many extracts are from periodical editions, examining the national character of the poet’s creativity and his romantic, philosophical, historical, aesthetical and public-political views. Others look at the poetry, prose and journalism of Bogdanovich and highlight his ties with foreign literature and art.

The encyclopaedia contains articles about those sculptors and painters who created works inspired by his writing, or who illustrated his books. Some made portraits and statues to him, while composers have even written songs and ballads based on Bogdanovich’s poems.

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