Creativity and craftsmanship have always been in fashion

Minsk’s Alesya Factory was modernised a few years ago, funded from its own savings, and is already seeing results. Last year, its output almost doubled on 2011, with over a third of goods exported. By December, its average salary had crossed the $500 threshold
By Alexey Yarov

The First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration, Alexander Radkov, paid a visit recently, asking about everything from wages and the prices of food and medicines to the construction of housing and tuition fees at universities, besides professional questions on fashion. He suggested, “An important element of the work of managers, businesses and industry is to determine the correct direction of economic development, to ensure future profitability. Maybe, you should sell clothing designs, or maybe it’s more profitable to make the designs yourself, but several aspects need to be taken into consideration: competitiveness, market movement, people’s attitude towards innovations, efficiency and human resources.

Speaking of salaries, Mr. Radkov stressed that the company should expand opportunities for employees to earn bonuses for raised labour intensity or skill. Other issues touched upon bidding for tenders and high interest rates on loans. He emphasised, “Generate good ideas and we’ll help with their implementation.” He noted that the most valuable element is a company’s tradition of production and its high-level specialists.
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