Creative trip full of impressions

By Dmitry Nikonov

Valery Alexeev of Bobruisk spends fortnight performing monologues in Rome, Athens and other European cities
On winning the International Drama Competition at Badenweiler, Valery decided to spend his prize money on his life-long dream of visiting well-known Western European cities. However, he visited not merely as a tourist but to present his monologue — based on his Silver Wings. He has performed on squares, at clubs and hotels and, even, at the Canadian Embassy in Italy. His performances were primarily in Russian but sometimes involved an interpreter. The audience heartily welcomed him, especially those in Italy, who listened closely and applauded loudly, even shedding tears. They encored him several times.

“The first meetings were free; later, tickets cost 20 Euros,” he explains. The MK Athenian Courier Russian weekly has invited him to take part in a round table discussion dedicated to Contemporary Drama in Your Understanding, speaking on the role of national languages, in particular Belarusian. Several other local journalists have also interviewed the Bobruisk resident. 
Certainly, he will return with many wonderful memories which are likely to find reflection in his new works.
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