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About Business Administration Bachelor Degree offered in English at the School of Business and Management of Technology of Belarusian State University

About Business Administration Bachelor Degree offered in English at the School of Business and Management of Technology of Belarusian State University
Belarusian State University is the oldest in Belarus and has been offering degree programmes since 1921. Its School of Business and Management of Technology opened the first English Master’s programme in Belarus in 1996 (providing a joint degree together with the University of Colorado) that was followed by English MBA and several BA programmes (in Business Administration, Logistics and Management of Information Resources).

The programmes taught are aimed at individuals who want to obtain knowledge and skills required for working in business (both local and international) and becoming professional executives. Based on modern market-oriented principles and practices, SBMT’s structure, curriculum, academic processes, and quality control follow the model of the best Western universities.

The Bachelor Business Administration programme taught in English consists of 40 courses (over 4 years of study). The curriculum includes all main management disciplines including:

● Strategic Management;
● Operations Management;
● Organisational Behaviour Management;
● Human Resource Management;
● Accounting;
● Statistics and Law;
● Finance and Economics;
● Marketing.

Some of the courses are of special importance due to new realities and among others include Public Relations, Leadership and Personal Development and Intercultural Communication.
All courses taught are problem and case oriented.

Students work in teams, make individual and group presentations, study cases and work on small group projects. These skills make students ready to operate successfully in the international and local business environment.

Students are provided with up-to-date study materials and work in well-equipped classrooms. The academic process aims at valuing diverse contributions and places special emphasis on the cultural diversity in the classroom.

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Contact person ­— head of the programme Yekaterina Sadovskaya, Head of Business Communication Chair, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor.

Tel.:+375447381394, +375172104106
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