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‘Cottage cheese pancake’ — good currency

Cheese festival had a great success in Grodno
By Lilia Semenovich

The festival was held in the Gilibert Park. The activity was opened with the theatrical performance devoted to cheese. Olga Bogdanovich, chief specialist of Art Department of Grodno Regional Executive Committee told, that concerts of professional and amateur actors, youth groups, and also fireworks took place in the park.

It is necessary to say that within the limits of the festival, business meetings of heads and technologists of the enterprises-manufacturers of cheese took place there, the competition of quality of cheese production and its professional tasting was organised at the festival. Besides, the competition of culinary art was held at the festival; confectioners and cooks were invited to participate in it. Moreover there was held the competition for the most original trading-exhibition hall. The quests of the festival also enjoyed public tasting of cheeses following the results of which the best manufacturer was announced.

By the way, Grodno residents had the possibility not only to participate in various activities, but also to sit in a cheese courtyard, to walk on cheese avenues, lanes and boulevards and to visit cheese galleries. A special currency ‘cheese pancakes’ was established in the cheese city. Active townspeople could earn ‘money’ whilst participating in competitions and then spent them for buying real cheese. Besides, organisers suggested Grodno residents to compete for speed of squeezing of cottage cheese and butter whipping in wooden oil press.

In a word, there were a lot of competitions and various interesting activities at the cheese festival in Grodno. Therefore, according to Grodno residents and city visitors, the cheese festival had a great success. In this regard organisers have promised to make it traditional and annual.
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