Conveyer switched the speed over

Minsk motor plant demonstrated growing dynamics of production last year
Last year the enterprise realized diesel engines by almost quarter more, that in 2006. At that, more engines were sold both to Belarusian enterprises and abroad. For example, supply to Minsk tractor plant, where nearly half of all engines is shipped, increased by 25 percents.

Approximately one third of Minsk motor plant production is automobile diesel engines. Their realization increased for the same period by 21 percents. Especially sales volume of export automobile engines increased: increment to the level of 2006 amounted to nearly thirty percents. Let us remind you, that in November of 2007 Minsk motor plant began serial production of diesel engines, corres­ponding to the norms of Euro-3. This ecological standard is valid in the Russian Federation and in the Republic of Belarus from the beginning of this year. But the preparation to the production of engines of the Euro-3 level began on the plant long before. Serious work was carried out by the improvement of engine construction, prototype engine models were made and two-three exemplars of them were supplied to the biggest producers of freight vehicles and buses in Russia and Belarus.

On January 1, 2008 Minsk motor plant completely switched over to the production of engines of the Euro-3 standard.
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