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New Grodno Region motorway opens to traffic

Convenient and safe

New Grodno Region motorway opens to traffic

The contemporary P52 motorway connects Ostrovets, Oshmyany and the Belarusian nuclear power station to two major existing motorways: Minsk-Vilnius and Vilnius-Polotsk.

The full length of the highway, belonging to grade two, is around 50 kilometres. According to specialists, traffic safety is ensured here to the utmost; minimum crossings, almost no settlements and reinforced roadside. The width of the asphalt coat is 12m while that of the roadway is 7m.

The dual carriageway has two underground exit tunnels, leading to/from Oshmyany, where the road intersects the M7. It has three bridges and three flyovers, one of which (at the intersection of the motorway with the railroad) may become an additional transport interchange if an automobile connection is required with Gudogai station.

By Yelena Semenova
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