Concrete proposals for development of capital

Minsk to use experience of large cities from around globe

By Andrey Ivantsov

The Director of the Minsk Scientific-Research Institute of Social-Economic Problems, Ivan Matskevich, has told journalists about the results of the international scientific-practical conference: Resources of Large Cities are Resources of Social-Economic Development for a Region and a Country. He stressed, “The event gathered representatives from over ten countries. This means that the issue of large cities’ development is of concern not only to Belarus but to many other states. The arrival of guests and their active participation in the conference, alongside speeches by domestic scientists and practical workers, enable us to use accumulated experience to successfully develop the Belarusian capital. It’s interesting to know how Vienna, Ankara and Kiev work in this field.”

The conference has elaborated proposals for Minsk’s development. In particular, recommendations were prepared for the City Executive Committee, which is tasked with attracting investments. Prospects for small and medium-sized businesses were discussed, as was the issue of how to improve local government. It was decided that a collection of conference materials will be published. All proposed recommendations are to be studied and analysed, with concrete action taken in future.

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