Completing work ahead of schedule doesn’t spoil quality

Specialists built brick factory in Venezuela in record time
By Yekaterina Markova

The factory’s capacity is to be 25 million bricks per year, with construction and equipment mounting achieved simultaneously — to reduce the terms of mounting and allow the factory to open quickly. “Such work usually takes 18 months but specialists from the Belzarubezhstroy CJSC completed the mounting within six months,” notes the press service of the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of Belarus.

The first brick was produced at the beginning of April and, by the middle of the month, the firstwagon of burnt blocks had emerged from the brick kiln. All the equipment is automatic but settings are still being adjusted to ensure optimal quality and production capacity.

The press service of the ministry stresses that Belarusian builders have completed the construction of factories producing MAZ trucks and ‘Belarus’ agricultural tractors in the Venezuelan state of Barinas. This will allow the continuing development of automobile and tractor production in Venezuela, meeting the domestic requirements of the country and reducing its dependence on imports. It will also extend the export of Belarusian machinery to markets in Latin America.

New industrial enterprises continue to be set up with the participation of Belarusian specialists in Venezuela. One such is a factory producing road and construction machinery — with aid from Amkodor JSC. The building of residential houses also continues, with 48 being built in the second section of Guasimal suburb and works have been renewed at the construction site in Libertador base. Venezuela has also given Belarusian builders 21 hectares in Fuerte Tiuna, where up to 3,000 flats are to be built.

Venezuela appreciates the reliability and high qualifications of Belarusian specialists; unfounded rumours of late 2011 discrediting Belzarubezhstroy CJSC have been disproved. The Attorney General’s Office of Venezuela has answered an inquiry from the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus, and confirmed that no accusations are outstanding regarding the Belarusian company and its employees.
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