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Comparative prices for fuel

RIA-Novosti News Agency publishes early July rating of petrol prices in Europe, with highest registered in Norway and lowest in Belarus (of 32 states)
By Yuri Chernyakevich

Oil extracting Norway is ranked as having the most expensive A-95 petrol, at the equivalent of 78.5 Russian Roubles per litre (1.83 Euros) on average. Although most EU states would view this price as high, the Norwegians’ generous monthly salaries allow them to take the price in their stride. Moreover, local budgets receive the greatest profit from sales, rather than oil companies, allowing fuel to perform a social function.

Italy’s prices are second highest at 74.1 Russian Roubles (1.74 Euros) per litre, with the Netherlands — one of Europe’s major oil traders — close behind, with an average price of 73.8 Russian Roubles in early July (1.71 Euros).

From January-July 2013, Norway, Bulgaria and Finland saw the steepest price hikes: up 2 percent since the beginning of the year. Russia has the sixth highest price rise: 0.8 percent. Prices for A-95 petrol fell in the UK and Poland by 4 percent and by more than 3 percent in Lithuania.

Our Customs Union states have the three lowest prices: 29 Russian Roubles (0.67 Euros) in Belarus; 30.2 Russian Roubles (0.72 Euros) in Kazakhstan; and 31 Russian Roubles (0.74 Euros) in Russia.

Looking at how many litres can be purchased with the average salary, Luxembourg fares best, with 2,300 litres per month. Norway is next in line (2,200 litres), followed by the UK. Bulgarians can buy only 218 litres, while Ukraine and Romania are also outsiders. Russia is placed 16th (753 litres) while Belarusians can buy just 422 litres per month with an average salary.
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