Common view

President Alexander Lukashenko met Ali Rodriguez Arake, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela
Dialogue with Venezuela can be considered a classic example of similarity of views leading to activation of bilateral relations. It is not that Belarus and Venezuela had nothing in common until recently. We have been selling potassium fertilizers to Venezuela for 7 years in a row and import tobacco from there on occasions. Yet the commodity turnover can’t reach over $50m a year. However, we have grounds to think that bilateral cooperation in economy and politics will develop more dynamically soon. Both Presidents Alexander Lukashenko and Ugo Chavez have shown similarity of views at the 60th session of UN General Assembly.

Ali Rodriguez Arake mentioned this: “We have very much in common in international affairs, especially while searching a new system of balance. A dangerous situation emerged over the world after the USSR collapse. Today we face an exigency to find new balance solutions in the world.”

According to Alexander Lukashenko, economies of Belarus and Venezuela are no rivals to each other. They rather mutually supplement and we have things to offer one another. “Belarusian economy is developing. We manufacture more and more competitive products that enjoy demand over the globe,” — said President. “Today we would like to perform serious activities in America, especially in Latin America, and we are looking for friends there: states that would help us in establishing a prominent means of implementation of our capacities.” Alexander Lukashenko is positive about strategic partnership with Venezuela to be very helpful. And it could facilitate reaching half-billion dollar commodity turnover in the nearest future.
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