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Coming to Belarus for crown

Miss Supranational participants spend several days in Minsk, losing their luggage and consciousness
By Lyudmila Mikhailovskaya

The contest is gathering 80 beauties from all over the world, being placed among the top five global pageants and the third most prestigious (behind Miss World and Miss Universe). The final show will be broadcast on September 6th, with millions watching worldwide. Many such events are often hosted on a smaller scale, in Minsk and other Belarusian cities, but Miss Supranational is a truly international competition, focused on far more than make-up, high heels and short dresses.

Three weeks prior to the finals, the ladies have arrived in Minsk, some travelling dozens of thousands of kilometres and enduring unexpected adventures en-route. Among those taking part are women from Australia, the Dominican Republic, Canada, Indonesia and Zimbabwe. Miss Myanmar Khin Wint Wah travelled for three days to reach Belarus, while Elodie Odadan, 17, from Guadeloupe, fainted at a press conference devoted to the forthcoming pageant. However, she was smiling within five minutes of regaining consciousness, thanks to the support of those around her. The First Deputy Chairman of ONT TV Channel, Sergey Khomich, notes, “The journey to Belarus was a true challenge for many participants; some spent several days travelling and some have had to wait for their luggage.” Losing suitcases containing thirty contest dresses would certainly be stressful!

Despite all difficulties, the contestants admit to feeling comfortable in Belarus. “I feel at home here,” says Giuliana Villavicencio, from Ecuador. “My country is a paradise on Earth; it’s summer all year round there. However, the sun here is no less bright. Just yesterday, I was thinking that it’s like Ecuador here!”

The ladies have some time to learn more about Belarus, going on excursions to local beauty spots. “The girls will return home as ambassadors for Belarus,” notes the director of the organising company, Gerhard Parzutka von Lipinski. Belarus’ hosting of the 2014 World Ice Hockey Championship is not the only fact known to the ladies, who revealed knowledge of Belarusian lakes, the potato as the national cuisine, the cleanness of Belarusian cities, the beauty of Belarusian ladies, bilingualism and the diamond-shaped National Library when answering a questionnaire. Interestingly, the beauties also brought gifts for the National Library, as has become a tradition: illustrated editions on their native countries.

“It’s my first time in Belarus,” says Natalia Rus, from Romania. “I’m impressed with the country: it’s so beautiful, clean and interesting. “The pageant is well organised as well. All the participants are wonderful — inside and out! I’m convinced we’ll become good friends — although the contest envisages rivalry.”

The organisers have prepared a rich programme for the participants and a bright show for audiences, with special equipment brought from Russia, Ukraine and Poland. The pageant is expected to be the most advanced so far held in Belarus.

A first year student from Gomel’s Belarusian State Transport University, Veronika Chachina, 17, will represent Belarus at Miss Supranational.
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