Comfortable transport corridor for carriers

Belarus and Syria to co-operate in transport sphere

By Olga Levkova

Terms for our collaboration have been discussed during the first session of the Belarus-Syria-Venezuela Commission on Transport, recently held in Minsk. The working meeting took place as part of a joint declaration on co-operation between Belarus, Syria and Venezuela, signed in Damascus in November 2010.

The session focused on interaction in aviation and railway transport, with cargo transportation along the multi-modal transport corridor between Northern Europe and the Middle East being a major issue. In particular, Syria has confirmed its intention to join an agreement on cargo traffic development between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea.

The corresponding document was signed in May 2008 in Vilnius by the transport ministers of Belarus, Lithuania and Ukraine, envisaging collaboration. We aim to enhance international cargo transportation while equalising conditions for railway customers, enhancing the efficiency of transport links and ensuring security.

The safety of cargo and the guarantee of environmental protection (in line with international norms) must be observed.

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