Comfortable homes for birds

Birds assisted in finding nests during International Bird Week

By Sergey Rodnyansky

Bird Week, traditionally held in early April, originated more than a hundred years ago, in 1906. Belarus is now an active member, hanging thousands of new bird boxes countrywide, with dozens of events scheduled.

Minsk’s Central Children’s Park has hosted a promotional campaign, entitled ‘Settle Joy in Your House!’ — organised by the Ministry for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection. Pupils from Stankovo children’s orphanage arrived with nesting boxes, made under the guidance of their teachers, which were available for sale and for fixing to trees. Pupils from Minsk’s Ecological Gymnasium and cadets from Minsk’s Suvorov Military School also joined in, alongside ecologists, artists and journalists. A military brass band helped create the necessary atmosphere.

“More people should be attracted to similar events,” believes Anatoly Lis, Belarus’ Deputy Minister for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection. “This is one of the oldest nature protection holidays. Previously, it was believed that we should build homes not only for ourselves but for birds and animals. I’m glad this tradition is returning.”

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