Comfortable and warm place

The 35th family-type orphanage has been opened in Minsk region

The 35th family-type orphanage has been opened in village Zhuravkovichi of Cherven district, Minsk region. It took just three months to build the mansion. Its construction and improvement was financed by the national, regional and district budgets. Now, this spacious and comfortable house will become home for the large and friendly Gornostay family with six children, three of whom are children in care aged from 6 to 12 years.

The opening ceremony was a crowded gathering. The main heroes of the occasion were mum Marina Alexandrovna, dad Vitaly Victorovich and children Nikita, Eugene, Arseny, Maxim, Paulina, Rustam. All of them were noticeably nervous.

Hospitable hosts greeted guests with bread and salt. The feast was very warm and homey, with all the symbols and attributes a house spirit, a horseshoe for good luck, trees planted in the family garden and a cat, who traditionally entered the new house first. Chairman of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee Boris Batura sincerely congratulated family on getting their new home. He noted that the government had set a task of abolishing traditional boarding schools, putting all the parentless children in their new families.

Family-type orphanage is one of the forms to do that. «Only a strong and healthy family can provide comprehensive education and development for a child. Home microclimate, comfort and warmth allow children to feel protected, which means they can enjoy life, learn, work, care for themselves and their neighbours. It is very important that children can see a role model of relationship and behaviour, which will help them in the future to create happy families where good people will grow for our society, "  Boris Batura said.

The foster parents have piles of hard everyday work before them. They must help children to adapt to the new conditions, to cope with emotions, to get a good education. 

Marina Alexsandrovna and Vitaly Viktorovich fully realize it, and have given the children all the love and care. It is evident in the relations inside the family. The children are living in an atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding. They see their parents as their great support and help. All the children have their duties, and they have many common interests and activities.

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