Comfort and speed highly important for passengers

New, state-of-the-art electric InterCity train launched between Gomel and Minsk
The train is intended for passenger transportation between the capital and regional centres, offering comfort and high speed, with the InterCity taking just 2 hours 59 minutes for the trip (45 minutes faster than before).

The train was assembled at the Stadler Minsk Plant in Fanipol and, although our passengers are already familiar with new Stadler electric trains, the green InterCity stands out, having seven carriages, and 7,382 seats, of which 16 are business class, located in a separate zone in the first carriage and equipped in greater comfort.

All the seats are adjustable, and there is free Wi-Fi on board, while the temperature is maintained at a comfortable 22 degrees. There is a thermal curtain to prevent the passenger compartment from being chilled in winter and sensors in the doors prevent even little fingers becoming caught. A small bar offering drinks and snacks is located in the middle of the train, while a trolley of beverages and snacks also travels through the aisles. The train has a multifunctional area for physically challenged people, and a retractable wheelchair ramp for independent boarding and departure.

Meanwhile, the driver’s cabin is mostly computer automated, with only a few levers and three large monitors. Information on the train’s technical conditions and required service works is transferred wirelessly to service centre staff.

Driver Andrey Bitus tells us, “The controls are located so that I can operate the train without any additional manipulation. The diagnostics system shows any failure alerts on the monitor, and the computer prompts how to fix them. As a rule, it’s enough to press a single button, to command the system to repair a defect.”

Neither Andrey, nor his assistant, Dmitry Golubovich, have ever conducted a maiden ride so, of course, were very excited. Yet, they are familiar with the train itself, as the crew were trained at the production plant. 

By Anton Kostyukevich
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