Comfort and affordability

Shchors Street’s Comfort apart-hotel opens its doors to those seeking mid-range accommodation and flexibility
By Olga Popova

The new complex combines three-star hotel facilities and the flexibility of renting a flat, explains its director, Anatoly Anisko. The project cost $35.8 billion and is a completely new idea for Belarus — despite being quite common in Europe. The nine-story building has four entrances and houses 135 apartments. Some of the flats have more rooms than others, to cater for greater numbers of guests, or to provide more space. Popular abroad, it can be a cheap option for larger groups, since the price does not alter with the number of guests and longer stays invite a reduced cost per night. The hotel offers breakfast but each flat is also equipped with a kitchen, to support those wishing to cater for themselves.

The Chairman of the Supervisory Council of Lada-OMC Energo, Alexey Vaganov, notes that the idea was born in 2009 and that a two-roomed flat offers everything to make you feel at home: a fully equipped kitchen (with tableware, tea and coffee) plus a separate bathroom and toilet. All the furniture is made domestically and a cafe is soon to open inside the hotel. Already, over 40 percent of the rooms are occupied.

According to the Mayor of Minsk, Nikolai Ladutko, it’s a great addition. He tells us, “Eleven hotels are being built in the capital at present, with another ten planned. The apart-hotel is in demand worldwide, being so affordable.” Minsk City Executive Committee has already received new applications for similar projects.
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