Co-operation expands

Turkish Taysad eager to co-operate in Belarusian car building

On meeting representatives from the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee, the President of Taysad Association, Celal Kaya, noted his interest in co-operation with Belarusian car producers. He explains that Turkish companies producing parts and components are eager to set up joint ventures and establish close co-operation. “In recent years, Turkey’s industry has been vigorously developing. We now aim to branch out into Europe and the CIS. We see Belarus as a reliable partner for investments and promoting mutually beneficial co-operation. We also view your country as a unique gateway to Russia’s automobile market,” Mr. Kaya asserts.

Taysad representatives are convinced that information on the capacity of Belarus’ economy and its automobile manufacturing industry, collected during their visit to Belarus, will encourage Turkish businessmen to enhance further co-operation.

The Mogilev Regional Executive Committee has promised to render all possible assistance in realising investment projects for new and joint companies with Turkish investments in the region. Several companies with Turkish capital already successfully operate in the Mogilev Region, mostly selling their manufactures abroad.

Taysad hopes to collaborate with the Mogilev FEZ Administration, Mogilev Automobile Plant and MAZ’s Mogilevtransmash Plant.

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