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Clever border outpost working in on-line mode

Latest technologies allow border of Belarus to synchronise with the European Union, guaranteeing 100 percent reliability
By Irina Sorokina

A joint project between the State Border Committee of Belarus and Bel Huawei Technologies recently launched a joint project: Creating and Testing an Intelligent System of Video Observation for the Border of the Republic of Belarus. The Brest border group is now operating the new system, in line with EU norms, raising the efficiency of border protection. Ever more people and vehicles desire to cross the Belarusian border, not always legally, placing great pressure on check points, notes Alexander Boechko, the Chairman of the State Boundary Committee of Belarus.

“The Head of the State has tasked us with creating an integrated system of protection for the state border. Within the scope of this task, we’ve been studying various technical means meeting modern requirements, allowing us to reliably supervise the situation across the whole site. This is very important, because we’ll use this approach at other border checkpoints,” stresses Mr. Boechko. “The project will become part of the networked automated information system of border service bodies.”

The introduction of intelligent system, covering a 4km site, will allow trespassers to be located at the border ‘live’ — thanks to video cameras with high-speed turning and thermal cameras, all in real time mode. Images can also be relayed to the State Border Committee in Minsk, picking up details of vehicles, animals and people.

The joint project by the State Border Committee of Belarus and Bel Huawei Technologies is costing about $400,000: almost entirely financed by the Chinese, explains Mr. Boechko. “This project is vital, since we’re planning strategic decisions on further development regarding boundary infrastructure. We’re open to co-operation and are making every effort to interact with other international organisations in creating modern infrastructure along the border, meeting the latest global standards. We aim to ensure the most comfortable conditions for state border crossing by law-abiding citizens, while creating a reliable barrier to those operating international criminal networks.”
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