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Government action programme for 2015 approved in Belarus

Clear targets and tasks outlined properly

Government action programme for 2015 approved in Belarus

The programme covers all areas of responsibility for the Belarusian Government, specifying goals, tasks, implementation mechanisms and those responsible for the execution of the programme. Several chapters are dedicated to regional policy, and the preservation and strengthening of human potential and the economic security of the country.

The major goal of the Government this year is maintaining macroeconomic and social stability amidst increasing external challenges and threats, as well as the efficient completion of the current five-year period. In addition, it aims to lay the groundwork for dynamic economic growth between 2016 and 2020 and beyond. The most important tasks include conducting an efficient macroeconomic and monetary policy, upgrading of the economic regulation system, promoting competition and small and medium-sized enterprises, and the expansion and diversification of exports, alongside consistent development of integration within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union.

The Government and the National Bank have drafted several potential economic scenarios for 2015, depending on oil prices and the exchange rate of the Russian Rouble. These are the most unpredictable factors, impacting on the macroeconomic situation in Belarus. Response and economic balancing measures have been elaborated for each of the scenarios.

By Anastasia Shoplya
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