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Clear plans and definite tasks

On September 15th, the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, joined President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, in discussing a wide range of issues, in Sochi, tackling both bilateral relations and interaction within various integration associations, while sharing opinions on acute issues on the world agenda
The presidents discussed trade-economic co-operation between their two countries, as well as the implementation of major joint projects, including the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power station. Growth in bilateral trade was praised as an important positive trend.

“There are issues that we need to discuss. Probably, we’ll make some decisions. I think that, within the framework of the Supreme State Council of the Union State, we can agree on a date, and take a number of decisions,” noted the Head of State.
“I’m happy to have the opportunity to talk with you. I hope you’ll enjoy your time here,” noted Mr. Putin, welcoming his guest. “We’ll have the chance to discuss our bilateral relations, which are developing very well, and we can review the status of our integration projects. We’re seeing positive development, with all three countries experiencing very good dynamics. Trade and economic ties are growing, as is investment collaboration,” asserted the Russian President.

“As far as the economy is concerned, you are right, the situation is normal. We are seeing very positive processes in integration and trade is ever expanding,” underlined Mr. Lukashenko.

According to the Belarusian President, nearly 50 countries would like to sign agreements on trade and economic co-operation with the Single Economic Space. “This speaks volumes. We’ll discuss it, as well as issues regarding the CSTO and the Union State,” added the President of Belarus.

“I’d like to update you on the situation on our common border. Unfortunately, it’s far from perfect, especially as concerns migration,” said Mr. Lukashenko, pointing to illegal migration to the West via Belarus. “The resulting ripples are strong, so we should understand why and from where this originates,” he added.

Vladimir Putin informed Alexander Lukashenko of the results of the APEC Summit, noting that he stressed many times in his speeches that Russia represents not only its own interests but those of the Customs Union and the Single Economic Space. He explained, “It sparked serious interest among our partners; some are now ready to conclude agreements on free trade zones with the SES. We’ve almost completed our work on a free trade agreement with Vietnam and we’re ready to embark on work in this direction,” noted Mr. Putin, underlining that other well-developed economies are eager to develop such interaction.

“We should consider all the pros and cons in addressing this issue, looking at commodities and ensuring equality of interests on both sides,” emphasised the Russian leader. “Interest in developing collaboration is genuine, showing that our common market of the Customs Union and the SES is viewed as attractive. Our partners see prospects for co-operating with us,” continued the Russian leader.

The two presidents also agreed that the CSTO, the EurAsEC and the Customs Union summits should be held in Moscow on December 19th.
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