Clear example of technological advantages

Belarusian Industrial Forum - recently held in Minsk -focuses on innovations

By Olga Belyavskaya

The forum has expanded greatly over its many years of existence. This year, companies from Belgium, the UK, Hungary, Germany, Spain, Italy, China, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, the USA, Ukraine, Finland, the Czech Republic and Sweden brought new technologies to Minsk. As ever, the programme was rich, featuring a popular contest of welders, a competition of energy efficient and energy saving technologies and equipment, seminars and conferences.

This year, the Exchange of Industrial Sub-Contraction was held for the first time, yet was among the most topical events regarding its economic theme. At present, only 50,000 companies out of 350,000 are included in the fullest reference book, which is compiled by businessmen themselves. It was discussed how best to conduct branch policy and how to assess the situation before entering a market if no information is available on players and volumes, as this makes it difficult to calculate economic effect and feasibility. Additionally, large enterprises are failing to find partners among small and medium sized businessmen. Import substitution could solve many problems so, with this in mind, the exchange has become an ideal venue for establishing ties and production co-operation.

Meanwhile, the Belpromenergo exhibition focused on the solution of the most topical problems for large industrial enterprises, looking at the spheres of energy, construction, urban accommodation and communal facilities. The country lacks its own energy sources, so innovative alternatives are sought. The World Bank is keen to promote energy efficient projects, attributing this branch to the strategic interests of its European partner-countries.

Belarus’ Industry Minister, Dmitry Katerinich, noted at the forum that the industrial complex is viewing innovative manufactures as a strategic priority — its ‘major guide to development’. By extending high-tech and high intensive manufacture (competitive on foreign markets) the economy should achieve sustainable development and increased export potential for its machine building complex and beyond.

The Belarusian stands at the forum demonstrated modern vehicles and agricultural machinery, a wide range of technological equipment and energy saving technologies. Mr. Katerinich stressed that domestic companies need modern technologies, with the forum offering the chance to view the latest foreign models.

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