Clear artery of logistics

During his visit to Minsk-Beltamozhservice-2 Transport and Logistics Centre, in the Minsk District, the Head of State noted that the current programme to develop Belarus’ logistics system, running until 2015, should be fully realised
By Vladimir Khromov

Belarus’ Deputy Prime Minister, Piotr Prokopovich, reported to the President of Belarus on results so far and on new measures to develop logistics centres across 36 sites countrywide. Some are already operational, with others yet to launch, requiring investors. Nevertheless, Mr. Prokopovich feels certain that the programme will yet be implemented in full.

The Director General of Beltamozhservice, Yuri Korol, emphasises that investors should also bring trade flow and specialists, since human resources play a crucial role in logistics. The conversation tackled opportunities for private business to participate in the construction of logistics centres, with some examples given. However, none of these sites correspond to the required high standards, making it vital to preserve the share and influence of state organisations in this sector.

Mr. Lukashenko commented, “When we adopted this programme, we lacked knowledge and experience. However, we now understand what’s needed and should immediately start adjusting the programme, adding new projects as necessary, until the end of the year. Decide who will take charge, set a deadline and start looking for investors. We’ll act on our own otherwise, as it does not require large sums and will give a handsome return. We need to direct money currently flowing to other countries through Belarus.”

Minsk-Beltamozhservice-2 Transport and Logistics Centre belongs to the highest A-class but Mr. Korol notes that Belarus lags behind other countries in its number of such centres. He believes that more A-class facilities should be constructed in Belarus, saying, “We have to deal with fierce competition. We should consider dumping, raise the quality of services, introduce IT technologies, and adopt a more aggressive policy in advancing into foreign markets. Moreover, we should open offices abroad, establish direct contacts with consumers and re-channel not only commodities, but also financial flow.” He would also like to see our laws regulating the logistics sector brought into line with those of Europe: in accounting, the banking sphere and relating to other legalistic procedures. Mr. Lukashenko rebuked the State Control Committee and the Government for failing to have taken action yet.

The Chairman of the State Control Committee of Belarus, Alexander Yakobson, noted that work to promote the logistics sector should be co-ordinated and reconciled, since several programmes and projects currently overlap. Mr. Lukashenko demanded that necessary amendments and additions be passed by the end of the year, in order to bring all plans to life.
The Head of State chatted with workers at the enterprise and familiarised himself with the material and technical base and organisation of the centre’s work, alongside the automated control system of warehouse logistics and the handling of container cargoes.

Belarus is adopting measures to form favourable conditions for the provision of logistics services, via the Decree ‘On Stimulation of Goods Sales’. The Government is implementing a range of measures to simplify paperwork and administrative procedures for logistics centres, including as part of Belarus’ desire to enhance its position in the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index. The State Customs Committee has adopted single requirements for customs clearance points at logistics centres and the temporary regulation of customs terms has been optimised.

In Belarus, customs clearance of goods is performed primarily with the use of IT, via electronic customs declaration, reducing time spent on export declaration from 1 hour to just 6 minutes and that for import from 8 hours to 1 hour.
Cargo handling services at Beltamozhservice cost no more than 95 Euros, compared to 770 Euros in Russia and 435 in Kazakhstan.
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