Classical poetry read along the way

Belarusian poetry broadcast on Mogilev’s public transport for International Mother Language Day — February 21st

By Sergey Kulyagin

Mogilev’s public organisations initiated the idea to support the Belarusian language, with city authorities and transport workers agreeing. Poems were read by pupils of the city’s schools, gymnasiums and lyceums, who previously recorded them at the Mogilev TV and Radio Company’s studio. Youngsters recited poems by Belarusian literary classics and modern authors — including Yakub Kolas, Yanka Kupala, Sergey Grakhovsky, Vladimir Korotkevich and Ivan Pekhterev.
“We hope this will be another step towards Belarusian cultural revival and the popularisation of the native language,” explained the Chair of the Co-ordination Council for Mogilev’s Public and National Associations, Political Parties and Trade Union Organisations, Zinaida Penkova.

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