City symbol of Cossack

Provincial Chausy (40km from Mogilev) gains new symbol

Provincial Chausy (40km from Mogilev) gains new symbol
City-symbol-ofCossack.jpgProvincial Chausy (40km from Mogilev) gains new symbol: a handsome Cossack, with forelock, dressed in baggy trousers and holding a whip, having been an autonomous Cossack republic in the 17th century

“During the war against the Rzecz Pospolita, the troops of Russian Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich captured Chausy in 1654. As a result, a local Cossack regiment was established — uniting 800 citizens,” explains the Director of Chausy’s District Historical Museum, Inna Kazakova. According to historians, the regiment attracted peasants and nobility alike to support the Tsar, as they received a variety of privileges. However, over the course of time, the Belarusian-Cossack autonomy (as part of the Russian state) transformed into an independent Cossack state — with its capital in Chausy.

After the first split of the Rzecz Pospolita, it fully joined the Russian Empire. “We inherited family names as a result,” adds Ms. Kazakova. “There are quite a few people here bearing the same or similar family name as myself: Kazakov or Kazakevich…”

Ceramic Cossacks are now sold at the museum’s souvenir shop and Ms. Kazakova asserts that the image has real significance. Local authorities are ready to accept all and any proposals for the production of souvenirs, which will be passed to the District Executive Committee’s Department for Ideology, Culture and Youth Affairs.

By Denis Ampilov
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