City authorities debut technology of waste recycling

Bio-gas production launched at domestic waste and sewage sludge recycling plant in Brest

By Irina Kovalevskaya


A factory to recycle solid domestic waste and sewage sludge is being piloted in Belarus, using biological processes to break down waste. It is the country’s first such mechanical-biological facility, able to annually recycle 370,000 cubic metres of silt and sewage. It uses technology designed by German Linde-KCA-Dresden GmbH.


According to its business plan, the first and second stages of the plant are costing 63m euros, with the project running two years. It envisages the launch of a unit to recycle silt and sewage sludge, as well as facilities to recycle 100,000 tonnes of solid domestic waste per year. The project’s realisation in Brest will bring almost waste-free recycling of communal waste and sludge.

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