Chronicle of native city

Unique book details Pinsk history
By Yulia Kharevich

A unique book on Pinsk’s history has appeared in Belarus, entitled The History of Pinsk from Antiquity to Modernity. Dedicated to the 915th anniversary of the city’s first mention in chronicles, the idea for the edition came from the Pre-Industrial Society History Centre at the National Academy of Sciences’ History Institute, during celebrations for Pinsk’s 910th birthday. The initiative was supported by Pinsk City Executive Committee, which also helped with financing.

The book describes the history of the city from ancient times to today, containing many new facts connected with the city’s archaeology: famous archaeologist Piotr Lysenko — a laureate of the State Award of Belarus — has conducted many digs there.

Only Minsk has a similar edition but it is hoped that other cities may soon receive the same attention. The Institute’s Director, Vyacheslav Danilovich, tells us, “This is a task for the future. I hope there will be understanding from local authorities, since we can create an archive which will remain for centuries. People can see the history of their native town, presented and drawn in a beautiful manner. It cannot but arouse public pride.”

Speaking at an international scientific conference, Mr. Danilovich emphasised that his staff aim to promote the findings of historians more widely to the public, including via educational means.
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