Choreography under the influence of Marc Chagall

3rd International Festival, Vladimir Spivakov Invites, will begin on February 18th, when there will be concerts every day until the end of the month. The feature of the current project will be a combination of music, filmmaking and ballet
By Natalia Ivanova

According to the festival producer, Maxim Berin, the main task for this year was not just the expansion of the programme, but also its variety. Has this been achieved? We will start from the beginning. Two big musicians, Vladimir Spivakov and Dmitry Khvorostovsky will open the festival. The latter, despite a full schedule, could not refuse the maestro. His performance in Minsk is a gift not only to Belarusians, but also to Vladimir Spivakov who will celebrate his 70th anniversary this year. The programme will include compositions by Wagner, Rubinstein and Verdi.

Furthermore, the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia will go to Gomel and then to Mogilev. The programme Hour of Chaplin will be introduced to residents of these cities. They not only will see his best film, City Lights, but also will hear the music, which he wrote.

During these concerts, Spivakov will conduct, while in the following concert, at the Minsk Philharmonic Society, he will takes in hands his favourite instrument, a violin. It will be an Hour of Bach. Arkady Valados’ time will come a bit later. By the way, one reason for the pianist’s consent to the invitation to perform in Minsk, was his affinity with the country. It appears that the father of the world famous musician is a native of Belarus. It is interesting that in Germany, where Valados lives, as well as in other countries, tickets for his concerts are sold quickly sold.

This concert will not become the only of Belarusian origin. The programme Stars of World Ballet has been made exclusively, taking into account the districts where it will take place. For example, the performance of French choreographer Roland Petit Searches of Lost Time was created after personal acquaintance with Marc Chagall and under the influence of his works.

According to the art director of the project, Tobias Ehinger, while making the ballet programme, they focused on the traditions of the Royal Ballet of Great Britain and the different dancing schools of Germany. Why so? Because Belarusians do not know these directions so well. “In one evening, the audience will have a unique opportunity to see the best masters of dance, where normally, it would be necessary to go abroad,” explains Ehinger.

The festival will be closed by other stars of the world opera stage. This year, artists of the best musical theatres of Russia, the Mariinsky Theatre and the Bolshoi Theatre, are also invited. As a matter of fact, there is nothing surprising in this, because, where Spivakov performs; there is the best of everything. Belarusians could be convinced of this even twice. Now they have one more chance.
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