Choirs sing out, with true hearts, souls and minds

International KHORoSHOW music project opens new TV season
Choirs from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Serbia and France are taking part, assessed by an international panel of judges. Among those sharing their expertise will be Eurovision-2007 winner Marija Šerifović of Serbia, popular French singer Desireless, and Chervonye Gitary band leader Severin Krayevsky.

The show will consist of three big concerts: two semi-finals and a final. Each semi-final will feature four choirs, selected through a draw, with one winner from each group going through to the final round.

Besides the usual singing, the final two choirs will also battle through tasks to show their knowledge and imagination.

Belarus will be represented by young Belarusian Medley choir, which formed in Minsk this year, comprising soloists in choral singing and beat-boxing amateurs. Members sing unaccompanied in various styles, including pop, rock, hip-hop and reggae, performing cover-versions of well-known songs, as well as their own original compositions.

The semi-finals will be broadcast by STV TV Channel on 14th and 21st September.
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