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Children vote with their hearts

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2012 is to follow new rules in Amsterdam, with a special children’s jury voting in the final of the show, alongside the 12 country-participants
By Viktar Andrejev

The young panel of judges will vote as a ‘13th state’, awarding points from 1 to 12, following a decision by the European Broadcasting Union.

On December 1st, Belarusian Yegor Zheshko will open the final show with his A More-More... followed by singers aged 10-15 from Sweden, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Russia, Israel, Albania, Armenia, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, and the Netherlands. Yegor has received vocal training from Valery Shmat — artistic director of the music production centre Golden Voice, and of Belarusy folk group. He has coached Yegor for three years and sees the children’s jury as a great advantage, explaining, “The idea is a good one since the competition is for children. The opinion of peers is important and we hope that children will vote with their hearts, objectively.”

Yegor’s song is quite modern, with a dance melody, and is rich in percussion. He is looking forward to his appearance on the stage of Eurovision.
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