“Children’s Heart” Still Beating

Over 200 operations have been performed in the scope of the Children’s Heart Program
More than 200 operations of various degrees of complexity on Belarusian children with congenital heart and vascular system diseases have been performed in the scope of the international action “Children’s Heart”. Besides, professional advice was provided to more than 1,000 patients.

The matter was addressed at a meeting in the upper house of Belarus’ parliament, the Council of the Republic, with William M. Novick, M.D. Founder and Medical Director of the International Children’s Heart Foundation, based in Memphis, Tennessee. Belarus’ parliamentarians appreciated the efforts of the American professor in teaching Belarusian cardiosurgeons and his personal contribution to the organization of regular medical assistance to Belarusian children.

In turn, William M. Novick noted the progress that Belarus’ infant cardiosurgery has attained in recent years and professional development of Belarusian surgeons. Belarus deserves appreciation for its achievements in this area, William M. Novick said.

According to the American surgeon, the foundation is expected to continue its work in Belarus for at least two years. There will be four annual visits of foreign specialists to Belarus, up from the current two, which means more operations. The foundation now focuses on two groups of children: those with the most complicated cardiac malformations and newborn babies.

The international campaign “Children’s Heart” is carried out by the Health Ministry of Belarus, Belarusian Children’s Foundation, and foreign and domestic specialists under the guidance of Professor William M. Novick.

There have been nine joint actions in 1996–2006 to operate on the children with the most complicated cases of congenital heart diseases. William M. Novick was conferred a Frantsysk Skaryna order in 2004 for his merits in the humanitarian and charitable activities.
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