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Children raised and cared for as one’s own

Family-style orphanages to open in Pinsk, as well as in Brest Region’s Bereza and Stolin districts

By Olga Kobyakova

Three large houses have been built to house family-style orphanages, funded from regional and national budgets. Children are now being selected to move from boarding institutions in the region.

At present, 20 family-style orphanages operate in the Brest Region, raising 136 children who lack their own parents. Kobrin Children’s Village (a state social pedagogical institution) has been operating in the region for 17 years, caring for children in a family-style environment. It has 15 cottages, housing over 100 children with foster mothers.

Half of all such family-style orphanages opening in recent years are hosted by private households, run by those who are keen to devote their life to giving unwanted children a true home. Eight family-style orphanages have been built in the region in line with the Children of Belarus programme. Moreover, one has been funded by Belarusbank and another is a joint project by the Brest Regional Executive Committee and two Italian charities.

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