Cherry milk with Glubokoe registration

Tasty condensed milk from the Vitebsk Region’s well-known Glubokoe is already proving popular on several continents: across Eurasia, Africa and, even, America
By Yuri Chernyakevich

On cold winter evenings, I often recollect summer sun and holidays to Odessa: as praised under the name ‘Chernomorsk’ in the famous novel by Ilf and Petrov — The Little Golden Calf. I remember famous Primorsky Boulevard, Potemkin’s Stairs, the monument to the Duc de Richelieu and, of course, unforgettable Privoz market — all in the much-loved city ‘of acacias, near the Black Sea’, as Leonid Utesov sang…

At Privoz market, they sell condensed milk produced in Glubokoe, alongside pasta, cereals, coffee and drinks. Sellers advertise the ‘made in Belarus’ product as being of the ‘highest quality’ and boasting ‘the taste of Soviet times’. Customers load their bags with these blue cans, even without this unsophisticated advertising.

Of course, it’s always a pleasure to see Belarusian produce enjoying demand thousand of kilometres from Minsk. Glubokoe’s condensed milk is also known on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, as I learnt during my visit to the Glubokoe Factory. According to the Deputy Director of the enterprise, Sergey Stolyaronok, condensed milk from Belarus is sold in Europe and Asia (primarily, in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Armenia), as well as in America and Africa. Last year, several batches were shipped to the USA, particularly, to New York, where emigrants from post-Soviet states, living on famous Brighton Beach Avenue, still remember those cherished cans with their blue paper labels. The tins sell like hot cakes.

Recently, the company dispatched orders to Libya, Israel and Panama, with negotiations underway to supply such African countries as Togo, Gabon and Cameroon. It’s quite possible that people in these states will soon be enjoying sweet condensed milk, delivered from the centre of Europe.

The high quality of its goods has helped the enterprise win foreign markets and, of course, the use of good quality ingredients is essential. Suppliers have developed a trusting relationship over the years and each batch is strictly controlled, with complete sterility observed. Visitors don gown and cap and must thoroughly wash their hands before entering the factory, using special antiseptic. A device administers more sterilising agent at doorways: obligatory for all.

The process of production is computerised and automated, to ensure efficiency and uniformity. Moreover, the company doesn’t add any preservatives, sweeteners, flavour intensifiers or other food additives to frighten consumers. It’s worth its weight in gold in our modern times.

Recently, the company launched a new Italian filling and packaging line, enabling 450 cans to emerge each minute. There’s no need for such output yet, with the conveyor belt set to rattle off 300 cans per minute (or 5 per second) — like a machine gun. It’s an impressive sight!

A new recipe was launched at the Cherry Festival in Glubokoe this year: condensed milk with cherry brandy flavouring. It sold rather well, so the enterprise is preparing a new batch.

The factory’s ‘hall of fame’ is filled with ‘Our Achievements’: so many awards for quality that the wall is nearly filled. Belarusian diplomas, quality certificates and prizes hang alongside international awards. It’s no surprise, since the enterprise supplies countries worldwide and is acquiring new markets all the time. Perhaps those living in Australia may be next to enjoy the sweetness of Glubokoe.
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