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Chasing snowy Cup

Darya Domracheva continues battling for major prize in World Biathlon Cup — the Big Crystal Globe

In German Oberhof, despite harsh weather, the Belarusian again claimed a medal, coming second in the 7.5km sprint, finishing just behind her major rival — German Magdalena Neuner.

The Belarusian has performed well during the fifth Cup round, coming fifth in the 15km individual race, and keeping her place among the leaders overall — despite having twice as many misses as her major opponents.

After the individual race, Domracheva was just 40 points behind Neuner — a margin which can be removed within a single round. After leaving Nove Mesto, Neuner’s advantage over Domracheva rose to 53 points, although the German made an error in the pursuit race, shooting at the targets of the race winner, Tora Berger. Olga Zaitseva of Russia is close behind Domracheva, by just ten points.

It seems that these most talented athletes, joined by Finnish Kaisa Makarainen and Norwegian Tora Berger, will keep us on tenterhooks until the very end of the season.

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