Characters personify winter

Belarusian Father Frost and Finnish Santa Klaus (Joulupukki) meet at Minsk Town Hall

By Oleg Anufrienko

“Santa Klaus’ visit is a sign of goodwill, alongside being a symbol of the openness of our country and its tourist industry,” notes Vadim Karmazin, Director of the Sports and Tourism Ministry’s Tourism Department.

Joulupukki told the host of the Belovezhskaya Pushcha about the oncoming of winter in Finland, “We’re already skiing and some people are even riding motor sleighs, although I personally don’t like them.”

In turn, our Belarusian Father Frost thanked his Finnish colleague for visiting and invited him to return in 2014, when Minsk will be hosting the IIHF World Championship. The Finnish guest stressed that he has greatly enjoyed Minsk, being especially inspired by our local architecture.

Joulupukki regretted to say that increasing numbers of children are beginning to ask Santa Klaus to bring them expensive foreign cars — such as Rolls Royces and Porsches. “I do give them to children, but only in the form of tiny car models,” he explained. He also sometimes receives wishes which are impossible to fulfil — such as written requests from women to help them find love.

Responding to Santa Klaus’ invitation to visit Lapland, Belarusian Father Frost explained that he has no free time. “Since representatives of various countries constantly visit me, I work all year round,” he noted. Tourists from 93 countries worldwide have attended Belarusian Father Frost’s Residence in the Belovezhskaya Pushcha.

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