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Change as befits today

There’s possibility of adopting new Constitution for the Republic of Belarus in future
By Vladimir Khmelevsky

Speaking about developing the constitutional foundations of the Belarusian state with the judges of the Constitutional Court, President Alexander Lukashenko doesn’t exclude that changes could be made, meeting the spirit of the day and reflecting society’s needs. “Sooner or later, we’ll pass a new constitution. Not for the short-term but for a well-developed Belarusian state,” the President asserts. “If we have to create one, I’d like the judges of the Constitutional Court and the entire court to be involved, as well as citizens.”

The President notes that his date of meeting with the judges was chosen as coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the Constitution of Belarus. “For our very young state, the Major Law was a starting document in forming our national legal system, while guaranteeing the observation of rights and legal interests of citizens,” the President emphasises. He notes that, in 1996, the Republican referendum ensured the strengthening of the state power system and the establishment of efficient public and political instruments.

The Head of State believes that the Constitution is of paramount importance for Belarus on its path to sovereign development. “It’s vital that citizens trust the state, so I’d like to assure the Belarusian nation that we’ve always supported and will continue to support all those who make a significant contribution to building a strong, stable and flourishing Belarus.” We don’t need convulsions and revolutions, and we won’t allow extremism of any kind in the country. Our people can live in peace, studying and working. The State will continue creating conditions to allow people to fulfil their potential in a free and worthy environment, while ensuring law and order.”

Mr. Lukashenko particularly underlines that the country’s stability relies on the support of the majority. This year, Belarus is to hold elections to the local Council of Deputies of the 27th convocation: scheduled for March 23rd.

The Head of State also notes that 2014 is a jubilee for the Constitutional Court, which was established two decades ago and now occupies a worthy place in the state system. In 2008, the Constitutional Court’s role was reinforced through the expansion of its powers, which gave it preliminary control over the constitutionality of laws. In 2014, the legislator gave it the most important legal instrument: the law ‘On Constitutional Legal Proceedings’.
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