Championship mascot looking for name

The bison chosen as the mascot for the World Ice Hockey Championship of 2014 two and half years ago is soon to learn its name, thanks to a national competition entitled Name the Mascot! Open to all Belarusian citizens and organised by the Directorate for the World Championship 2014, the top ten entries will finally be presented for online voting
By Yury Bolotov

The promotion manager of the Directorate for the World Ice Hockey Championship in 2014, Piotr Ryabukhin, is delighted by the idea. “The only limitation is that only Belarusians can enter but it’s easy to take part: just send in your idea for the name, with a little back-story, and fill in a form with contact information, sending it to 220020, Minsk, Pobeditelei Avenue, 20/3, or email it to”

Are any names looking like winners yet?
No decisions yet, but we’ve had a lot of entries already: electronically and on paper. Suggestions include Brusik, Zubrik and Svetik. One idea is to call the mascot Rasti — of course, in memory of Ruslan Salei, who tragically died in a plane crash near Yaroslavl.

When and how will the contest results be summed up?
We’ll be collecting applications for two more weeks. Then, the jury will choose the top ten for online voting at, and You can vote from April 10th to 20th; in early May, the winner will be announced, alongside second and third place. All will receive certificates and tickets to a World Championship 2014 game.
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