Caring son-in-law

Parents found nearly frosen in the street after their daughter's wedding

Obviously, any parents would be happy to give away their daughter. According to our Slavic traditions, toasts at a wedding are pronounced much oftener than guests are able to empty their glasses. A police squad that was patrolling the streets of Mogilev city one night saw that this statement was true when they found a man and a woman sleeping at a bus stop. The policemen pulled up by the stop and asked the elderly couple why they chose such a strange place to spend a night. The response, however, was somewhat incoherent. In order to save the cranks from freezing or being robbed the police sent them to an alcohol detox center.

The most piquant details of this seemingly ordinary story were revealed morning after, informed the public relations department of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee’s Internal Affairs Directorate. As it turned out, the happy parents were returning home from their daughter’s wedding, and felt so tired after the delicious festive meal that fell asleep in the open air.

Their newly minted son-in-law was the first to sound the alarm next day when his dear mother-in-law did not answer the phone. Nor did he find his new relatives at their neighbors’ or at a hospital. Finally, the wife’s mom and dad called the newly married from the sobering room and asked to take them home.

Later that day the elderly joined the wedding banquet again while the just married had to share part of their gift money with the parents to pay for the detox center services.

There is a saying that a mother-in-law is the dearest person for her son-in-law who would sacrifice anything for saving her precious life. As we can see, this is quite true.

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