Cargo to be delivered safely by sky ladder

Grodno hosts discussions on project to raise cargo transportation volumes via use of regional airports’ logistical services

By Lilia Neverskaya

The project is being organised within the Baltic Sea Region for 2007-2013 programme, overseen by the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument and the European Regional Development Fund. It looks at how best to use regional airports’ logistical services, researched by such organisations as Grodno’s branch Belaeronavigation and the Grodno State University. Different organisations from Germany, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and the UK are taking part.

Air transportation occupies a small share of the market for logistical services, yet accounts for the greatest revenue — as explained by the Grodno State University. However, this profitable market could develop more quickly; at present, regional airports lack knowledge of the potential of the international market for cargo transportation. In reality, it is hugely promising, as standard transport corridors are unable to cope with new logistical needs resulting from regional development. To solve existing problems, the project’s plan of action for the coming three years aims to create conditions to allow expansion of the aviation cargo transportation segment in partner countries.

During the first stage, specialists from each region are to analyse the situation and assess the prospects of cargo air transportation. How best this should be done was high on the agenda at a session at the Grodno State University — attended by project manager Anatoly Baifert. The second stage envisages the establishment of a shared information-communication platform, allowing co-operation between airports. The third stage includes the preparation of guidance for co-ordinating air transportation and customs demands.

By March 2013, the system should be ready for testing, with full operations ready by August. The total budget is just over 3m Euros, with 300,000 Euros to be allocated to Belarusian participants.

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