Caravan-travellers arrive at meeting

Caravanning is a rather new direction of tourism in Belarus

By Anastasia Shoplya

Sometimes it is possible to see a rather interesting sight — ‘houses on wheels’, which today, are unusual for us, slowly travel about the roads; sometimes one by one, and times in groups. The first thing which comes to mind — who are they, these people choosing such a way of travelling?


Tourist-sports meeting of camp fans in the Krupki District

They call themselves caravan-travellers. Caravanning is a rather new direction of tourism in Belarus. Nevertheless, the popularity of this unusual kind of recreation grows every year. And it is not surprising. Think for yourself — having your own auto-house, it is not necessary to worry about searching for a hotel near your favourite place where it would be desirable to stay. And if you add to that the financial benefit and the romanticism of life in the open air, the demand for this activity becomes obvious.

Acknowledgement of this is the first republican tourist-sports meeting of auto-travelling enthusiasts in Belarus. Visitors rested in one of the newest camping sites in the country. It can simultaneously house more than 300 campers, and provides comfortable conditions in the clean air. Apart from guest houses and places for tents, the camp site is equipped with children’s and sports platforms and there is a place for lighting campfires and even a moorage.

Participants of the meeting competed in mini-football, darts, played volleyball, and also found the best fisherman in a camp. For those who arrived to have a rest with their family, there were relay races and tourist obstacle courses organised. Participants and guests of the meeting were pleased with the cultural-entertaining programme.


Sports competitions — entertainment for tourists

Summing up, it is possible to say with confidence that the first meeting of camping fans was a success. It means that caravanning will continue to exist.

But, as always, such business needs development of the corresponding infrastructure. And, it is necessary to say, that the authorities were serious about improving conditions for visitors. “Now, 17 camping sites are ready to receive guests. It, of course, is not enough, therefore in 2015 in different regions of Belarus over 30 additional sites will be constructed,” Deputy Minister of Sports and Tourism, Cheslav Shulga said. As he added, stops for tourists will be constructed in the near future near the rivers, lakes and cities which are traditionally popular among tourists, for example near Mir and Nesvizh.

Taking into account the inflow of foreign tourists, it is planned to correct a legislative base. Corresponding changes are already studied.
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