Cain does not touch Abel

Cain’s Code — the first major Belarusian film project featuring world-known stars — is screened

Cain’s Code — the first major Belarusian film project featuring world-known stars — is screened

The film has been edited by Piotr Zelenov, known for his 3D work in Legend #17 and Viy, and co-produced by Belarusian Yuri Igrusha (who produced the Oscar-nominated Shoes). Yuri admits that the project aimed to showcase Belarusian film-making, and to attract foreign masters. So far, two proposals have been received from the US for requests to film in Belarus.

Eric Roberts (in the photo) plays one of the major roles in the picture

The film crew for Cain’s Code worked at Hollywood’s Universal company: a first for Belarusian cinema. The new action film is full of explosions, fights and pursuits and features the world’s largest truck, the 450 tonne BelAZ, of which Belarus is rightly proud. The metal ‘auroch’ is unmerciful in the film.

The first Russian stuntwoman, Varvara Nikitina, filmed in Minsk, having previously appeared in the video for the song We Won’t be Caught, as well as in Turetsky’s March and Doctor Zhivago mini-series, and Daytime Guard and Love in the Big City-2.

Special effects include the use of fire, working with a flammable gel co-developed by William de Vital (Vitaly Vasilkov), the film director. By 1991, Vitaly had worked on over 300 films, across many Soviet studios, working as a stunt designer and stunt artist. In 1991, he emigrated to Israel, heading a team of stunt artists, and spent eight years helping to make various American, French and British films, as well as ‘trick show’ programmes. In 1998, Vitaly moved to Canada and now works as a stunt artist and producer for Canadian and Hollywood film studios.

Hollywood actress Natasha Alam attended Cannes for the screening of the film, and shot scenes in Minsk. She admits to having fallen in love with the city’s streets and houses, and to enjoying Belarusian ‘fore knuckle’ and draniki. Natasha plays Sara, whose mission is to seek out Cain. The film tells of a powerful organisation drawn from the direct heirs of Biblical Abel, attempting to save the world by keeping the secrets of the Cain stamp: an artefact holding the genetic code of every person. Natasha’s boss, played by famous American actor Eric Roberts (Julia Roberts’ brother), sends her on the mission. The film also features People’s Artiste of Belarus Vladimir Gostyukhin and Russian-Canadian actor Alexey Serebryakov. Vladimir plays the Belarusian father of two sons who quarrel because of a girl. He tells us, “My role is modest but very important, as I’m trying to bring peace between my sons, and I succeed.”

By Tatiana Khoroshilova
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