Businessmen to be encouraged to solve ecological problems

By Olga Kunitskaya

Belarus’ Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Ministry initiates establishment of Business and Ecology Club
The Ministry believes that environmental activity is yet to become an element of the business process, alongside the enhancement of product quality, sales growth and logistics networks. Most companies still view money injected into ecological matters as an expense with no real return which can result in raised prices, reduced direct and indirect costs, improved image and accession to new markets.

Processing and sorting communal and industrial waste, disposing of it safely, or recycling materials in an environmentally friendly manner is usually low on the agenda. Domestic businesses are demonstrating no interest in mastering recycling, although it is a vital aspect of the country’s sustainable socio-economic development.

The Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Ministry notes: ‘New public technologies are needed to ensure the country’s ecological development. These can balance the interests of entrepreneurs and ecologists as part of the further promotion of partnership between businesses and society — including via the establishment of a wide network of connecting links (such as associations, technoparks and business clubs) with the aim of realising a ‘state-business-science’ cluster principle in solving ecology related problems’.

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