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Business to definetely revive small towns

Economic focus at House of Representatives
By Vladimir Khloponin

The draft regulation by the House of Representatives tackles the Presidential Decree to stimulate entrepreneurial activity in small and medium-sized towns. It aroused a positive response from the deputies, with the Chairman of the Standing Committee for Industry, Fuel and Energy, Transport, Communications and Entrepreneurship, Sergey Semashko, emphasising, “This is a long-awaited, progressive and important document which will inspire the development of rural areas and small towns. It offers unprecedented privileges to entrepreneurs, attracting them to small settlements and offering employment to local residents, while enhancing the welfare of the regions.”

The deputies discussed documents connected with the functioning of the Customs Union. In particular, they ratified a Protocol to Introduce Amendments and Additions to the Agreement on the Movement of Goods for Personal Use by Individuals Across the Customs Union Border. This is good news for ordinary citizens, since goods with a total value of no more than 10,000 Euros can now be brought into the country by plane without paying customs duties. Previously, a restriction of 1,500 Euros operated. Now, this limit remains only for road transportation.

Alexander Shpilevsky, the Chairman of the State Customs Committee, warns that customs services in Belarus will be monitoring the import of such goods as household appliances, ensuring that commercial volumes are not brought over the border under the guise of being for personal use. Someone importing the fifth TV set in one month would fall under suspicion and be liable to pay customs duty.
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